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Application for Employment

NOTE ON CONFIDENTIALITY : All the information provided in this form will be treated with strict confidentiality.

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Past Performance
Have you ever been subject to disciplinary action (i.e. suspension or dismissal) in any of the institutions you have worked for? If yes, please provide details

Additional Information
Please list your extra-work interests and any other information which you think might be relevant.

Please provide names, email addresses and phone numbers of three persons (non-relatives) who can be approached by KCST for references.

Personal Statement
Please write a short statement explaining why you think you will be an asset to KCST.

Please attach full CV containing publications and other academic credentials.

I declare that the information provided in this application is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I realize that withholding information or providing false information, forged documents or false representation of information is in violation of the law and may result in the rejection of my application or in future dismissal from the College.