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Professor Khalid Al-Begain
President of KCST


Professor Khalid
President of Kuwait College of Science and Technology

Professor Khalid Al-Begain is the first President of Kuwait College of Science and Technology (KCST). Established in 2015, KCST is a highly ambitious private university in Kuwait offering programs in engineering and management.

Professor Al-Begain has occupied a number of leading positions in international organisations. He is currently the President of the European Council for Modelling and Simulation (ECMS) and Past President of the Federation of European Simulation Societies (EuroSim).

I welcome you to the website of Kuwait College of Science and Technology. You are about to be part of an exciting and rewarding new initiative and venture.

It is a great pleasure and honour for me to be the first President of Kuwait College of Science and Technology. This is a challenge and a privilege given that the vision is to establish a high-quality private university that will not be just another university but a top core Kuwaiti university that is a leading institution of science and technology in the Middle East with international standards in teaching and research. I have worked in many academic institutions in the Middle East, Germany and the UK but never have had such excitement as I do with KCST.

KCST is built on three key values that will be observed throughout all its functions and operations. These are Excellence, Care and Respect.

Excellence will be the underpinning and baseline of all operations. The owners of the College (The Company of Science and Technology for Higher Education - COSTHE) have heavily invested in a world-class building and facilities that will give our students and staff an exceptional and rounded experience. The College has a five hundred seater auditorium and two 250 seater lecture theatres, large number of smart lecture rooms and world-class laboratories, modern library and high-quality technology all around.

KCST will be known for its care for its students who will be the focus of operations. The students of KCST will be provided with high quality education and support to achieve their best.

KCST will build a culture of respect among all its stakeholders. Respect will be the norm among and between students, faculty and all staff in the College. Respect to others regardless to gender, race, religion or origin.

I hope you find our programmes inspiring and exciting and that you become a KCST student in the near future.