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Graduates from this program combine the capability to analyze, evaluate, design, implement, test, maintain and/or develop specifications for software systems with a knowledge of the relevant hardware. They are able to appreciate and apply such knowledge and skills in managing and maintaining information systems in manufacturing, business, industry and the environment. Graduates will be able to understand the impact of technological solutions and will be able to communicate their knowledge to a multidisciplinary audience.

Graduation requirement

A student will be awarded the degree of Bachelor in Computer Engineering - BEng. (CE) if he/she successfully completes a minimum of 144 credits as given in the table below.

Category Total number of courses Total core courses Total electives
Basic Science 14 14 0
Mathematics 18 15 3
Languages 9 9 0
Social Science 12 6 6
Basic Studies 9 6 3
General Engineering 16 16 0
Major discipline ( course only) 46 31 15
Others ( to be specified for individual program/discipline) 8 8  
Summer internship (to be specified) optional   
Total credits 144 117 27