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The system of instruction followed at KCST has the following characteristics:

  • Passing grades are "A," "B," "C," and "D" (marginal pass). The qualities of performance associated with the different grades are also explained below.
  • A student will be given credit only once for any course passed at KCST and counting toward their degree or in the calculation of their GPA. Repeated courses will be marked in order to distinguish them from other courses.
  • The grading system is based on the following definitions:
GP Letter grade Percentage approximation Letter grade description
4.00 A 95-100 Outstanding. An "A" grade reflects outstanding performance in exams, assignments, and projects, as well as attendance and conduct. It represents originality of thought, creativity, and reasoning clearly above the average.
3.67 A- 90-94 Excellent
3.33 B+ 87-89 Very Good
3.00 B 84-86 Good. A "B" grade represents good achievement, demonstrating an understanding of concepts and a presentation of work with high standards.
2.67 B- 80-82  
2.30 C+ 77-79  
2.00 C 73-76 Satisfactory. A "C" grade represents satisfactory work, demonstrating a basic comprehension of the material and the basic achievement of the proposed learning outcomes.
1.67 C- 70-72  
1.33 D+ 66-69  
1.00 D 60-65 A"D" grade represents a marginal pass.
0.00 F Below 60 An "F" grade represents failing performance.
Other Designations
I Incomplete (Missed Final Exam)
F Fail
IM Improvement
S Satisfactory Completion ( for an optional requirement)
FA Failure due to absence
W Withdrawal from the course
WA Withdrawal due to absence
DF Deferment
CW College withdrawal