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  • At the beginning of each semester or summer term, students will formally register for a set of courses consistent with:
    • The semester-wise schedule for his/her program
    • Credits earned thus far, past performance and interests
    • List of electives on offer
    • Advice tendered by his/her advisor
  • A student may not register for more than 21 credits during a regular semester and no more than 10 credits for a summer term.
  • While students are encouraged to take a full load of courses as per the semester-wise schedule, the College will permit a student to register for fewer courses.
  • Subject to advice given by his/her advisor, a student may submit a request in writing to the Registrar to add or drop a course.
  • Typically a course may be added within the first week of a semester (or summer term) and a course may be dropped without penalty within the first five weeks of a semester (or two weeks of a summer term).