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Semester 1
BSc. (CS)BEng. (CE)BEng. (ECE)
English IEnglish IEnglish I
Mathematics IMathematics IMathematics I
Physics IPhysics IPhysics I
Introduction to Computer ProgrammingIntroduction to Computer ProgrammingIntroduction to Computer Programming
Software ToolsSoftware ToolsSoftware Tools
Semester 2
BSc. (CS)BEng. (CE)BEng.(ECE)
English IIEnglish IIEnglish II
Mathematics IIMathematics IIMathematics II
Physics IIPhysics IIPhysics II
Data Abstraction and object-oriented ProgrammingData Abstraction and object-oriented ProgrammingElectronic Instrumentation
ArabicArabicIntroduction to Computer Programming
Semester 3
BSc. (CS)BEng. (CE)BEng. (ECE)
Discrete Mathematics for CSDiscrete Mathematics for CSArabic
Physical ChemistryPhysical ChemistryMathematics III
History Arab CivilizationHistory Arab CivilizationCircuit Theory
Data Structures and AlgorithmsData Structures and AlgorithmsHistory Arab Civilization
Financial and Managerial AccountingIntroduction to Electrical EngineeringData Abstraction and object-oriented Programming
Semester 4
BSc. (CS)BEng. (CE)BEng. (ECE)
Mathematics IIIMathematics IIIEngineering Mathematics
Computer OrganizationComputer ArchitectureSignals and Systems
SS ElectiveDigital ElectronicsDigital Electronics
Introduction to Modern BiologyIntroduction to Modern BiologyIntroduction to Modern Biology
Semester 5
BSc. (CS)BEng. (CE)BEng. (ECE)
Probability and StatisticsProbability and StatisticsProbability and Statistics
DatabasesFinancial and Managerial AccountingFinancial and Managerial Accounting
Operating SystemsOperating SystemsElectronic Devices and Systems
Numeric and Scientific ComputingDatabasesCommunication Systems
SS ElectiveSignals and SystemsComputer Architecture
Semester 6
BSc. (CS)BEng. (CE)BEng. (ECE)
MA ElectiveData CommunicationControl Systems and Instrumentation
Programming Language TranslatorsProgramming Language TranslatorsData Communication
Strategic ManagementStrategic ManagementStrategic Management
Computer Network System & ProtocolsCS Elective (1)Electromagnetic Waves and Theory
CS ElectiveCS ElectiveCS Elective
Semester 7
BSc. (CS)BEng. (CE)BEng. (ECE)
Analysis of AlgorithmsAnalysis of AlgorithmsDigital Communication
BM ElectiveSS ElectiveSS Elective
CS Elective (2)CS Elective (2)EE Elective (1)
Project Part 1Computer Networks Protocols and ApplicationsComputer Networks Protocols and Applications
-Numerical and Scientific ComputingNumerical and Scientific Computing
Semester 8
BSc. (CS)BEng. (CE)BEng. (ECE)
CS Elective (3)CS Elective (3)EE Elective (2)
CS Elective (4)CS Elective (4)EE Elective (3)
Project Part 2MA ElectiveMA Elective
-Project Part 1Project Part 1
Semester 9
BSc. (CS)BEng. (CE)BEng. (ECE)
-BM ElectiveBM Elective
-CS Elective (6)EE Elective (4)
-Project Part 2Project Part 2