Students & Alumni


Students will have the opportunity to build their talents and their interest hobbies with KCST activities. Students will participate in Art, visual and performing art groups, along with many other organizations provides entertainment and training programs. This is on top of the support they receive for projects they will do including building robots, electronic inventions and many other activities on campus.

KCST professional staff work collaboratively with graduates and undergraduates students to get involve in multi curricular experiences. Our team provide advises to students to participate and get engage with our variety activities. We assist every student to guide originations which can enrich their experiences for future careers.

We support a healthy lifestyle as a result provided international sport facilities including a FIFA recognized field and 2 tennis courts with the standards of International Tennis Association and - soon to come – an Olympic sport block building with GYM and other facilities and we offers variety of activities to support healthy lifestyle and motivate students to study and have fun at the same time.

KCST offers dynamic student programs that will enhance leadership development, students will explore and learn more about their career interests through a range of professional companies which provides recruitment opportunities and social network.

For further information you can contact KCST official activities team through: