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1. At KCST applicants are considered on the basis of their merit, regardless of race, color, gender, religion, age, disabilities or national origin.

2. Students seeking admission to KCST programs must have successfully completed 12 years of schooling leading to the award of a diploma or certificate considered to be at par with Shahadat Al-Thanawiya-Al-A’ama from Kuwait. Other qualifications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

3. The following indicative criteria are considered in the decision regarding student admission:

High School SystemEquivalencyMinimum Requirement
Government System (Percentage)Not Required65%
Government System (Modular)Not Required2.25
Arabic PrivateRequired65% or equivalent 2.25
Bilingual SystemRequired2.25
American SystemRequired2.25
British SystemRequiredSix IGCSE with minimum of "D" (Not the cumulative GPA)
Pakistani SystemRequiredHigher Secondary School Certificate (Part II) required with a minimum average of 42 or 2.25 GPA equivalent
Indian SystemRequiredCompletion with a minimum cumulative average of 65% or equivalent for :All India Senior School Certificate Exam conducted by Central Board for Secondary School in India
International BaccalaureateRequiredCompletion of Baccalaureate with 6 subjects (at least 3 at the higher level) and a minimum score of 24

Note - For high school systems not covered in the above table, admissions will be decided on a case-by-case basis and will require at least a passing grade as well as Kuwait Ministry of Education equivalency.

4. Students must have taken Mathematics, Physics and English as core subjects for three years in the last four years of high school for the BSc or BEng Programs.

5. For purposes of authentication of the degree by the Private Universities Council in Kuwait, students must have taken Biology up to 10th year of study.

6. All applicants must provide proof of proficiency in English, in one of the following ways:

Exam TypeMinimum Score(Indicative)
IELTS Academic5.5
KCST English Test65%

7. Applicants with an overall average grade higher than 80% or equivalent are exempted from entrance exams, except English. For applicants with an overall average grade of less than 80% or equivalent, they will be required to provide test results in one of the following entrance exams:

Entrance Exam TypeMinimum Score(Indicative)
SAT 2-Math (level 2) and SAT 2-Physics520
KCST Entrance Test in Math and Physics65%

8. The KCST test in English Language will evaluate a candidate’s understanding of English grammar and his/her ability to effectively communicate orally or in writing in English (both composition and comprehension).

9. The KCST tests in Mathematics and Physics will evaluate a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of fundamentals, and the candidate’s ability in problem solving.

10. KCST entrance tests may have the following outcomes:

Entrance Test ResultsOut Come
65% or aboveAdmission to regular KCST Programs
50% to 65%Acceptance in KCST Foundation Program
Below 50%Non-acceptance in KCST Foundation Program

From time to time KCST may change the qualifying marks for the entrance tests.

11. If an applicant does not obtained the minimum required scores in the entrance tests, he/she will need to attend the one-semester Foundation Course(s) corresponding to the test(s) for which minimum grades have not been obtained.

12. If the candidate is required to attend all three subjects of the Foundation Program or Math and Physics jointly, he/she will not be able to register for any of the first semester courses.

13. If the candidate is required to attend the following Foundation Course(s): (i) only English; (ii) English and Math or (iii) English and Physics, he/she will be able to register for first semester courses, except those that require the Foundation Course(s) as requisites.

14. If an applicant does not achieve the minimum required score in one or more of the Foundation Course(s) exam(s), he/she will be able to repeat the course(s) only once. After a second unsuccessful attempt at any Foundation Course exam, the applicant will be rejected and will not be able apply again to KCST.

15. The number of vacancies on some or all of the programs may be limited. For this reason, when candidates apply for admission, they are asked to declare their preferences amongst the programs. If a selection of candidates for a given program has to be carried out, such selection will be made on the basis of a ranking of candidates, taking into account high school grades and entrance test results

16. Once an applicant has received an Offer of Admission from the College, he/she must confirm his/her intention to attend the College within one week.

17. To confirm acceptance and to reserve a seat in the College, the applicant must pay a non-refundable Registration Fee (as per approved fee schedule). Failure to pay the fee is considered to be an indication that the applicant is no longer interested in attending the College and the available seat will be offered to another applicant.

18. There will be no prior assessment of the students’ proficiency in spoken and written Arabic Language, but such an assessment will be carried out at the start of the semester. Arabic Language will be offered at basic and advanced levels, and students will be placed accordingly.

19. KCST will allow a student to change from one program to another, only after completion of the first year of study. Such changes will be subject to constraints arising from: (a) availability of seats in the relevant program and (b) relative academic performance of the student.