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(1) Time for completion of the degree
  • Students are required to complete their degrees within a specified number of years/months. Accordingly, in no case will a student be allowed to continue in the BSc. or the BEng. programs beyond seven years, including leave of absence and time spent on preparatory courses.
  • In cases where students are not on track to complete their degrees, they will be given a warning in due course.
  • A student may be allowed "leave of absence" for up to one year at a time to work in industry, provided the work experience is considered to be relevant to the program of study.
  • In some exceptional cases, students may be allowed to complete the graduation requirements in less than the nominal duration.
(2) Timetabling of classes
  • The College operates on a five-day schedule, from Sunday to Thursday.
  • Each semester, the College shall publish its schedule of course offerings for the following semester through its website.
  • The schedule shall provide information on the courses to be offered, the time schedule (time of the day and days of the week) and the respective classrooms or laboratories.
  • Students are responsible for verifying the accuracy of their course schedules on the College's website throughout the semester in which they are enrolled.
  • Courses are valued in credit hours, and normally meet either two or three days a week in sessions of typically fifty to fifty five minutes.
  • Laboratory, workshop, and specialized courses meet for typically two-hour sessions per week.
  • Class duration and number of sessions per week may differ depending on the nature of the course. Any changes are approved by the President and communicated to the students in advance.
(3) Class attendance
  • The College requires regular and timely attendance at all classes.
  • At least 75% attendance is required for the student to be eligible to sit for the final exams.
  • Attendance is registered in the Student Information System by the students as they enter the classroom, by swiping their identification card over a card reader or finger-print identification.
  • Tardiness will be noted by the instructor and repeated tardiness shall result in a warning to be sent to the student by the Registrar's office. If tardiness continues the student may not be eligible to sit for the final exams.
  • Students may be excused from class if they have a valid reason (i.e. medical problem, accident, serious family-related issue, etc). Any documentation justifying absence from class must be submitted in writing to the Registrar's office. If the justification is accepted, the instructor will be notified accordingly.
  • Students should also inform their instructor of any foreseen absence. Making-up of missed classes is allowed at the instructor's discretion.
  • Students should be aware of the College's attendance policy. Automated warnings are generated by the Student Information System and the alert is e-mailed to the student's KCST e-mail with a copy to the instructor.
  • An e-mail from KCST is considered as an official communication and it is incumbent on the student to check his/her KCST e-mail for any warnings and other important announcements.
  • If the instructor feels the reason for a student's absence is justified or if the student has reported the absence in advance, it is up to the instructor to advise about whether or not attendance warning notices should be sent.
  • Students not allowed to sit final exams due to excessive absence are not entitled to a refund of fees.