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Total Credits/ KD Amount1st Year2nd Year3rd year4th year5th year
BSc. (CS)126/KD 22,050KD 5500KD 5500KD 5500KD 5500-
BEng. (CE) 144/KD 25,200KD 5500KD 5500KD 5500KD 5500KD 3200
BEng. (ECE)144/KD 25,200KD 5500KD 5500KD 5500KD 5500KD 3200


  • (1) The actual costs to the student will depend on the number of credits taken in any given semester.
  • (2) Tuition fees may change at any point during the student’s stay at KCST.

General payment terms for KCST students:

  1. Payment of Fees and Charges: Before classes begin, students are expected to settle their accounts or to have made satisfactory arrangements for payment of the student fees and charges. Fees and charges are payable in the KCST Accounts Department.
  2. Non-Payment: KCST reserves the right to recover any amount due to it, including any additional costs incurred as a result of a collection process or legal action, and, if necessary, to forward financial obligations owed to KCST to a collection agency and/or to initiate legal proceedings.
  3. De-Registration:All registered students who have not paid their tuition fees and charges, or who have not made financial arrangements with the KCST Finance Department, will be automatically dropped from their courses.
  4. Holds: The KCST Finance Department will place a "hold" on those students who fail to meet their financial obligations to KCST, including on-time payment of their respective installment payment plan. A "hold" prevents students from, among other things, collecting their KCST transcripts and registering for future classes.