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The following are the fees and other charges for the academic year 2018-19.

All tuition fees and other charges are subject to annual review by the management of KCST.

  • 1) Tuition fees:
    Tuition fees KD 175 per credit.
  • 2) Foundation Courses:
    Charge: KD 600 per course per semester (Foundation courses(English, Math, Physis and Introduction to IT). Each course lasting one semester is offered at two levels: Basic and Advanced).
  • 3) Application fee:
    Charge: KD 50 (non-refundable and valid for admission period of the following semester)
  • 4) Acceptance Letter fee:
    Charge: KD 30 (non-refundable and valid for admission period of the following semester)
  • 5) PUC application fee:
    Charge: KD 10 (Applies only to PUC scholarship applicants)
  • 6) Registration fee
    Charge: KD 120 per semester (non-refundable and includes Student activities,use of Library Databases, including e-books, use of all the technology available in the Computer Lab and use of campus sports facilities)
  • 7) Late registration fee:
    Charge: KD 10 per course

  • Important Notes:
    1. For details of other fees/charges as applicable for specific services, students should refer to the Student Handbook and check their University emails on regular basis to keep themselves up-to- date. Students can also enquire at or call at 2497 2823 / 2497 2916.
    2. During the student’s stay at KCST, fees and other student charges may change at any time. Therefore, every student should check his/her emails on a regular basis, as well as KCST website in order to be aware of changes in fees and other relevant information.
    3. Government Scholarship students are subject to the PUC Scholarship rules and regulations.
    4. Students are responsible for the cost of their textbooks and other course materials.
    5. All student fees and charges for the semester are paid in full on the day of registration.
    6. If a student decides to participate in the Deferred Payment Scheme, he/she pays 50% of the fees upon completion of his/her registration and the remaining 50% in three instalments to be paid in the three months following the month of registration. Each payment is due on the last day of each month, with no exceptions. There is a service charge of KD 10 added to each instalment. This provision applies only to the fall and spring semesters.
    7. Any student who fails to meet his/her financial obligations to KCST, including on-time payment of his/her respective payment plan will be placed on Hold. This means that the student is prevented from having access to his/her Student Portal, collecting his/her transcripts and registering for future courses.
    8. When registering for the first time with KCST, a legally binding Student Enrolment Agreement is signed by the student. This contract contains the conditions for the refund of tuition fees.
    9. In case of students being sponsored by public or private institutions, a Student Sponsorship Agreement must be signed institution before registration can take place.