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Policy on admission of PAAET Diploma holders

Kuwait College of Science and Technology welcomes applications from graduates from PAAET Colleges. This policy sets the rules and regulations that govern the admission process and the possible exemption of credits based on their degree. Admission Rules:

  1. The certified diploma must be from the College of Technology in PAAET in one of the programs relevant to the programs applied for at KCST, training diploma certificates are not accepted 
  2. The applicant passes KCST Entrance Tests in English, Maths, and Physics or passes the Foundation program of KCST
Policy on exemption of credits for PAAET Diploma holders admitted to KCST

KCST has a clear and transparent policy of exempting PAAET Diploma holders from certain number of credits based on their achievements, taking into account the following considerations:

  1. KCST will not give exemption of any fundamental course within the program of study needed for ensuring the appropriate foundation for the program regardless whether these courses have been studied or not.
  2. KCST will give core courses in the course of 30 credits within the program of study as quality these courses make the quality of the final product, regardless of whether these courses have been studied or not
  3. In case there is no exact match between the courses taken previously and the courses offered at KCST, credits may be given in non-core areas and encompassing a broader area of scientific knowledge.
  4. The above rules aim at protecting the quality of the graduates and to meet the regulations of the authorities and the engineering accreditation bodies.
  5. KCST will allow aim at maximizing the number of exempted credits for students who meet the exemption criteria.
  6. KCST will make every possible effort to make enough courses available every semester in order to allow the exemption to result in reduction of period of study.
  7. The actual courses that will be included in the exemption will be decided by the College.
  8. Courses studied at other accredited Kuwaiti institutions will be considered on individual merit.

Kuwait College of Science and Technology
March, 2017