KCST provides library and e-library services for its students, faculty and the staff. To support the teaching and learning activities at KCST, it has both physical library as well as e-library services. KCST provides access to a wide range of books, eBooks, full-text to articles from refereed scholarly journals, conference proceedings and access to the technical standards etc. For cataloguing the resources Dewey Decimal Classification System is followed and the library provides information services to its patrons in accordance with the policies and procedures as followed in the libraries.


The campus has a dedicated spacious library area spreading over two floors of Block J with a total area of 430 sqm each. The library area is serving the focal point for all learning resources center. The allocated library location is apt to carry out research, reading and learning activities.

  • First Floor – Room No. J-109
  • It includes spaces for study, research, stack area for books, periodicals, reference shelves, computer area, reference and circulation desk, librarian’s office, library resource technical processing area, and a multi-purpose room which has the arrangement to host small meetings and various student club activities such as programming club, arts club etc. It also has the casual sitting area and a small room with the facility to transform as a small training center or audio-visual room if necessary.

  • Second Floor – Room No. J-201
  • It includes spaces for study, reading and research rooms and group study rooms. It also has spaces earmarked for future further extended facilities, such as printer room, additional stack area for books, periodicals, reference shelves, computer lab etc.

Computers Available Within Library:

There are sufficient desktop computers available in the library for the beneficiaries use. Besides that there is high speed internet connectivity available 24/7 at the library. The PCs are installed with the required licensed computing software.

Library Website:

With the aim of providing better services to its patrons, the KCST has a web portal wherein the library’ catalogues are published for the public access. By using the efficient library management software, it facilitates the online access to the library’s catalogue as well as its related services to the maximum. To view and search the OPAC please click the link:

Circulation & Library opening Hours:

The library provides borrowing services to its users who require the resources to be taken out of the library for a stipulated period of time. The users can borrow all the resources except the reference materials, periodicals and the reserved materials which implies policy related to them.The library opens from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on all working days except the weekend and public holidays. Circulation: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Online Digital Library:

KCST has three major programs, all in the high technology domain. The resources for such programs have a very short lifespan as the technology develops at a fast pace. Therefore, KCST focuses on providing electronic library resources that match the best modern universities worldwide. KCST’s online digital library is open 24/7 for its beneficiaries. The subscribed e-library databases could be accessed through KCST’s learning management portal (Moodle). Through this portal, both the staff and the students have complete access to full-text e-resources from renowned scholarly refereed journals, transactions, letters, magazines, conference proceedings, technical standards etc. that the college subscribes to and they are available online 24/7 for the beneficiaries.