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Library Timing: 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM Sunday - Thursday 

Location: 1st floor - Learning Resource Center


The Library at KCST is the Learning Resource Center. It is the hub of all academic activities, offering collaborative learning spaces, audio visual rooms with presentation facilities and study carrels for serious learning, in addition to a wide variety of teaching and learning resources. It also makes provisions for specially-abled learners.

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 Entitlements of Library Members:

  • All students, staff and faculty of the College are entitled to have membership of the Library, upon completion of the Membership Form.
  • All Members are entitled to borrow books and other documents from the Library as well as avail themselves of other library services. Reference material is to be used inside the Library only.
  • Library Members may recommend purchase of books and other documents and resources in the Library through their respective Academic Advisors.
  • Library Members are entitled to use physical and computing infrastructure available in the Library, and to book discussion Rooms and Conference facilities in advance.

Library Services:

The Library provides the following services to its users using both conventional and IT-enabled means:

  • Circulation: This includes issuing and returning of library items, reminders, reservation of documents, overdue charges, membership, etc.
  • Access to Lab's Software: Student may get access to all lab software on Library PCs during library timing. Currently available software are: Multisim, Visual studio, Microsoft office, Microsoft Visio, Python, PyCharm IDE, Eclipse Oxygen
  • Group study room: Students may reserve a study room, for 2 hours, one day a head.
  • On-line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) : A portal in which users may search and check the availability of the library printed books.
  • Inter-Library Loans (ILL) / Document delivery: These services are provided with cooperation of other libraries in Kuwait and abroad. Commercial vendors may also be engaged for electronic document delivery services. 
  • Reference Service: A service provided using print as well as web-based electronic resources. 
  • Bibliographic / Full-text Database Search: The Library provides access to relevant bibliographic and full-text databases from commercial publishers, open access resources, learned scholarly societies and university presses.
  • Information Literacy: A service provided for familiarization of users and optimization of their information-seeking capabilities.
  • Current awareness: A service linked to the alerts, provided by most publishers and facilitated by the Library for interested Users.
  • Access to e-resources: A subscription-based service both within the campus as well as off campus.
  • Library Website and Subject Gateway: The Library website as integrated interface to all library services and as gateway to other e-resources.
  • Print & Photocopy services  
​Terms and Conditions of Library Use:

  • Student must always carry their Membership Card when making use of the Library facility, especially when borrowing books at the Circulation Desk.
  • Library resources, needed by the user, must be borrowed before leaving the Library. Un-borrowed items taken beyond the Electronic Gate of the Library would be considered as stolen. Offenders are liable for suspension and stern disciplinary action.
  • Students may borrow the books for 14 days and this can be extended for another one week.
  • The Library can recall any issued book even before the due date in case of urgency.
  • Food or drinks are prohibited in the audio visual rooms and technology space where the computers are placed. 
  • Users shall not write upon, damage or mark any item belonging to the Library.
  • A User causing any damage to books or any other property that belongs to the Library, shall be required to pay the penalty imposed upon him / her by the College authorities.
  • Students should check the books before borrowing to ensure that these are not damaged. If a book is found to be damaged or certain pages are missing, the borrower should get this statement recorded on the book, otherwise he / she shall be held responsible for the damage, discovered at the time of returning the books.
  • As per the copy right act only “Fair Use” of non-educational materials is allowed.
  • Keep the library clean and don't leave any mess on the tables.
  • Keep the noise level down; don't disturb other users in the Library.
  • The Security Guard at the Library gate may check personal belongings, in order to ensure that no un-borrowed items has been taken. Library books issued to Members will be checked, also.
  • Smoking in the Library is not allowed.
  • Membership privileges can be suspended on account of misbehavior involving Library staff or other Library Users.
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